About Holistic Massage Therapies

Julie Wesling

I founded Holistic Massage Therapies in 2011 to provide quality alternative care for relaxation and wellness.
“Holistic” care is twofold: therapy that incorporates lymphatic massage benefits the whole body even when one area is targeted. By engaging the lymphatic system (which runs throughout the body) we reduce inflammation and boost the immune system—helping us feel better all over! Also, at Holistic Massage Therapies, we take a holistic approach to your wellness. If you suffer from frequent stress or pain, for example, we can address how to help you feel better by getting to the root causes. How are you eating, sleeping, exercising, driving, sitting at a desk, and so forth?

St. Augustine Massage Therapy

Here’s how Holistic Massage Therapies is different:

  • If you arrive on time for your appointment, you will receive your full time in treatment. An hour massage is an hour massage, for example, not 50 or 55 minutes.
  • Is Holistic Massage Therapies a spa or a medical office? Yes! In our St. Augustine massage therapy office, it’s the best of both. Your massage will be both relaxing and therapeutic.
  • I listen. I listen to what you tell me you want, and then I listen to what your body tells me it needs. And then I perform skilled and empathetic therapy.
  • Our St. Augustine massage therapy office is one of the few places in the First Coast you can receive lymphatic massage, and treatment incorporating Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

This massage therapy practice came to be as a later-in-life endeavor for me—I finally have the privilege of doing what I really feel passionate about! I have worked in spas and medical offices, including Mane de Leon Salon, Ponte Vedra Wellness Center, St. Augustine Physical Medicine, and Hartley Chiropractic. I earned my massage license diploma at the First Coast Technical College with the world’s best instructor Mr. Tim Davidson, LMT, CNMT. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio I have resided in northeast Florida since 2005 and am very happy to call St. Augustine my home.

St. Augustine Massage Therapy

Holistic Massage St. Augustine – offering quality alternative care for relaxation and wellness