Top 4 Secrets to Living Longer

  • Find Your Tribe. "Who you hang out with trumps just about everything else when it comes to your health." Especially if you have strong connections, and surround yourself with people who support healthy behaviors.
  • Eat smart. "The world's most robust 100-year-olds stick with diets that are 95% plant based.... They eat a little meat, but mostly fish." Most experts agree that more real food and less processed food is the healthiest way to eat.
  • Seek a Purpose. Centenarians agree that they have an activity, passion or career that motivates them and gives their lives meaning. Volunteering is a common thread.
  • Move It. Physical activity keeps us young. The surprising find is that it doesn't have to be rigorous "exercise," but rather having an active lifestyle--gardening, baking bread from scratch, walking to the store or with friends.

Source: "Cheater's Guide to Living to 100" by Ginny Graves, April 5, 2015 Parade

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