The Zen of Color

Spring is a great time to spruce up your rooms with a fresh coat of paint, or to sow new plants in your landscape and garden. These simple acts of renewal can really improve your mood and outlook on life.

As you plan your spring changes, here are some thoughts about the symbolism and meanings of colors. (Some people go so far as to consult with a feng shui expert to learn where to place each color and why! It can help with the flow of energy and make your home feel even more calm and happy, promoting prosperity, good health and general well being.)

Purple is the color of compassion. With its ties to royalty, it’s also come to represent dignity, pride, tradition and success. Purple flowers in a bouquet are good to present to someone you wish to congratulation on an achievement, or someone you admire. Lavender represents grace, elegance and refinement, but it can also seem very feminine and old fashioned.
In the home, purple enhances spirituality, encourages fresh perspective on emotional issues, and can help deepen feelings of connectedness to others.

Blue is calming. Blue flowers like hydrangea and iris represent peace, openness and serenity, and help with anxiety and rumination. Blue invites us to sit down, relax, release stress.
In the home, blue can help us be more efficient and discover what is most important to us. Deep blue a good color to wear or surround ourselves with when we have to make a decision. Light blue helps calm aggressive tendencies, and promotes tranquility and harmony in the home and in relationships. Aqua inspires trust, and is a good color for relaxing, mediating and sleeping.

Green is the color of healing. It’s the color of the life’s riches. This color represents health, the optimism of renewal, resilience, good fortune and youthfulness. I’ve learned that the human eye can detect more shades of green than any other color. Green flowers in a bouquet are a wish for good fortune and good health.
Green in the home increases wealth. The color of growth and new beginnings, green encourages us to honor our unique talents. It also represents nourishment and stability, and can be used in the home to rejuvenate ourselves, and promote physical and emotional wellbeing.

Yellow flowers are so cheerful, you can’t help but smile when you see them. Daffodils and forsythia are harbingers of spring. Yellow evokes feelings of joy and lightheartedness. Also a symbol of friendship, success, pride and joy, a bouquet of yellow flowers represents new beginnings and happiness.
In the home, yellow increases your focus, enhances intelligence and mental agility. It can stimulate conversation and help us clarify our thoughts. A word of caution—I have found from experience that yellow is a very warm color, and bright yellow can actually make a room uncomfortably warm!

Orange is bold, passionate and full of life. Orange flowers represent enthusiasm, excitement and exuberance.
Use orange in your home when you want to add life or feel younger. It’s the color of laughter and celebration. Orange can help us expressive ourselves! It’s a color of creativity.

The color red has a fiery energy, and red represents desire, strength, and passionate love. Red flowers symbolize courage, respect, constancy, admiration, and romance.
In the home, red is a stimulant and encourages fearlessness. A little bit of red can increase self confidence, but too much can be agitating. It can remove inhibitions, helping us express ourselves (but also increase our appetite). It can increase our libido, reminding us to live life fully and love our bodies.

Pink represents grace, gentility, happiness and love. Pink blossoms convey youth, innocence, and joy. In the home, pink promotes tenderness and comfort, increases receptivity and understanding.

White is associated with innocence, purity, humility, and reverence. In the garden, white flowers—or a space in the home that is simply or elegantly white—evoke simple beauty and provide a rest for the eyes and breath. A bouquet of white blossoms conveys gentle modesty and elegance.



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