The Joys of Getting Older

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WebMD recently shared an online newsletter/slideshow on nine surprises of growing older.

A few of them were purely physical things—like growing weird hairs out of your nose or ears (male) or chin (female) due to hormonal changes, or how we actually get shorter because of gravity and degenerative processes in our spines.

But some of the items were pretty fun facts about mental/emotional changes that aren’t all bad. Here’s a summary that hopefully will improve how you feel about climbing “over the hill”:

We are more in tune with other people’s emotions in our 40s than any other time in our lives. This empathy helps us get along better with everyone from family to coworkers.

Older women may have sex less frequently than their younger counterparts, but they enjoy it more! Women 40 and over told researchers their sexual satisfaction improved with age. And women over 80 (over 80!) were more likely than those between 55 and 79 to say they were satisfied sexually.

We get good at using what we’ve learned. It’s called crystalized intelligence (the ability to use learned knowledge and experience, as opposed to fluid intelligence—the ability to solve new problems, use logic and identify patterns), and we get better at it as we get older.

We turn into morning people! Our sleep patterns can change as we age; most people in their 60s get to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. At 65, even people who wake up during the night report feeling like they regularly do get a good night’s sleep.

We don’t all turn into grumpy old geezers. In fact, most people get more agreeable, at least through their 60s. We’re likely to feel happier and less apt to get angry. Scientists don’t know why exactly, but seniors seem to be able to control their emotions better, and focus more on making every minute count.

Retirement is not always the best thing for your health. A study called the Longevity Project found that people who work hard at a job they enjoy tend to live the longest! Having good friends and a good marriage seem to be keys to a long life.

Do any of these findings surprise you? Here’s a link to the full report: 9 Things No One Tells You About Aging


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