The Earth’s Ability to Heal

hand in soil

John Muir said, “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” He should have added that it’s especially good to walk the dirt path barefooted.

I recently watched a documentary called “The Grounded.” If you have Netflix, you can check it out if you like; it’s only an hour and fifteen minutes long. It’s a fascinating look at the healing qualities in the ground. Literally, in dirt.

Maybe you’ve noticed that if you walk along the beach, or on a wooded path, or anywhere in nature, you begin to feel a remarkable sense of wellbeing. Some might argue that it’s because the scenery is beautiful, there are soothing sounds and fresh smells, or that it is simply a way to escape the more stressful indoor atmosphere of ringing phones and humming appliances and artificial light and stale air.

But many believe there’s more to it than just natural surroundings. In “The Grounded,” Dr. Joseph Mercola found that by putting bare skin in contact with the ground, he experienced amazing pain relief and improved health. He found a way to literally “ground” plants and cut flowers to the earth via wires. He tried it on other people. He experimented with a moose. Everyone and everything experienced the same beneficial results.

If you’re interested in learning more about this healing practice, do an internet search of “earthing.” Many people have experienced profound results. But why? How?

The short answer has to do with energy. We are energetic beings. We think of life as the presence of energy. But even seemingly inanimate objects have energy as well. Fire certainly does! So does wind, and moving water. And many believe the earth itself has energy.

The basic tenet of crystal healing is that natural stones from within the earth have distinct vibrational rates whose qualities can be used to absorb, move, balance and focus energy within our bodies. If this seems too “woo woo” to you, consider that crystal diodes have been used in clocks, calculators and computers precisely because of their precision vibrations! (Ever had a “quartz” watch?) Even diamond crystals are used to cut through harder materials, because diamonds are so good at focusing and amplifying energy.

The energy in some crystals is perhaps easier to understand than others. Take salt for example. It’s ionized—it has a positive or a negative charge. So as it interacts with the elements around it, it can de-ionize the surrounding air. That’s why people love salt lamps, and some people even put rock salt in piles in little dishes in the corners of their rooms—they believe it has a very cleansing effect.

Here’s another healing example: putting Epsom salts into a warm bath. (These are not technically “salt,” but actually mostly magnesium, which is another ionized molecule.) The minerals plus the water are more beneficial than the warm water alone. People seek out natural thermal mineral baths the world over for their healing benefits.

Another healing therapy using gifts from the earth is hot stone massage. Again, the minerals in the Basalt stones—like iron—add to the relaxing, therapeutic benefit of using heat in a massage therapy session.

They’re all natural pieces of earth. Massage stones and healing crystals are simply bigger chunks. Salt crystals are smaller. Regular old soil is smaller particles still. But the beneficial energy can be accessed anywhere, even in our own back yards.

Dr. Richard Gerber, a Harvard educated M.D., wrote a book called Vibrational Medicine. He researches every angle, from Newton and Einstein to acupuncture meridians and chakras, from flower essences and crystals to electromagnetism and energy grids within the earth itself. Even as an M.D., he makes a strong case for natural healing and homeopathic medicine.

We harness the power of minerals every day when we eat—we need minerals like iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium and many others in our diet to sustain life. These minerals come from the ground! And in addition to eating them, we can boost our health simply by coming into contact with soil. Ancient people believed that we connect with the earth through our feet—our bare feet—and this connection links our spirit with the universe. As Dr. Gerber explores in his book, vibrational medicine is supportive to physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The Guardian recently published in its health blog an article by Sarah Johnson about a report urging doctors to “prescribe” gardening for their elderly patients. ( They are seeing so many benefits—mainly keeping seniors active and outdoors, and promoting social contact in the case of community gardens. But as any gardener will tell you, there’s also something about digging in the dirt—getting your hands in soil, feeling it and smelling it—that is good for the soul.

So I encourage you to go outside and play in the dirt. If you have a lot of clay in your soil, mold something with it! Make mud pies or build a sand castle. Go for a walk in nature, and let your feet be bare to remove any obstacle between you and the magnificent healing properties of the earth.

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