It’s Never Too Late to Grow

In 2008 I received the gift of a carved “tiki.” It is literally a palm trunk fashioned by hand to look like a stylized face. 

I was instructed to seal the rough cut top of the sculpture, but I failed to do so. Over time, it did start to break down a little. So a stuck a flat bowl in the soft center of this trunk figure and called it a birdbath. Its moved with me and adorned 3 different back yards over the years.

When Hurricane Dorian threatened, I diligently cleared the yard of anything that could become a projectile in a strong wind, including the tiki. As I went to lift it off the ground, I realized—it had started to root!

I couldn’t believe it. This piece of tree has been severed from its roots and upper trunk/fronds for at least 11 years! I have enjoyed it, but I have not watered it or nurtured it in any way. It’s been moved and moved to different spots within different yards.

But now, having been left alone in the same location since the last time I moved it (for Hurricane Irma), surrounded by mulch and native plants, and visited by birds on a regular basis, it started to grow. 

I’m sure there’s a lesson in this about resilience, about never giving up.

If there is some small bit of energy inside of us—a project or an idea or a talent—that’s been shuffled around and neglected because other things took precedence, it can still be brought to life!

Come to think of it, this might be another tiki lesson: that when we are in an environment where we feel appreciated and we have a purpose, that’s when we can begin to thrive. No matter what damage happened in our past.

Category : Blog &Personal Growth Posted on October 2, 2019

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