Improving Our Posture Is Worth It


Did your parents tell you to STAND UP STRAIGHT when you were a kid? It probably seemed like a pain in the butt if they did. But they were right! And we will get bigger pains in the neck if we DON’T work on maintaining good posture.

I’ve seen elderly folks so bent over at the top of their spine, that they literally can only look down. Imagine how that must feel, to have your whole view of the world limited to what’s at your feet. This doesn’t happen overnight. It happens gradually over time. And there are other ill effects of poor posture. So throw your shoulders back and take a look at these facts about posture from WebMD.

1. Slouching adds stress to our spine, and this puts a strain on muscles and other tissues that hold the spine in place. And in addition to being bad for our backs and support structures, slumping too much begins to smush internal organs together, making it harder to digest food or fill our lungs up with air.

2. Maybe the best way to prevent bad posture is simply to deliberately stand up tall. (A bonus is that we look better and it can even help us feel more confident!) Lift your head up and straighten your back as you would if someone were going to measure your height. Are your shoulders back? Are your ears over the middle of your shoulders? Engage your abdominal muscles and tuck your pelvis just enough that your backside doesn’t pooch out.

3. If we have to sit at a desk a lot, it’s tempting to slouch and/or lean back as we get tired. But this is not good posture. It’s far better to sit all the way back in your chair. Use a rolled up towel or small pillow for your mid back if you need it, to support the natural curve of your back. Bend your knees at a right angle and keep your feet flat on the floor. Good seated posture is equally important in the car!!

4. Looking down at our phones all day is really hard on our spines! Even if it seems like we’re only on our phones for a few minutes at a time, it really adds up. It’s much better to lift the phones up to where we can look down with just our eyes. And we need to be diligent about doing some gentle neck stretches and range of motion exercises daily.

5. High heels might look stylish, but they are horrible for healthy posture. They throw off our natural distribution of weight, our balance, and our gait. Wearing heels puts more weight on our knees and the balls of our feet and our toes. Pushing our hips forward causes over-arching our backs, and changes the alignment of the spine and puts pressure on spinal nerves. All of these factors cause problems, so save your back and save high heels for special occasions.

6. We can even support healthy posture while we’re lying down sleeping. Choose a mattress that’s not too soft. My chiropractor recommended getting an all-foam mattress to support every inch of the spine (not just wherever the springs happened to be). If you’re a side sleeper, use a pillow that supports the natural curve of your neck—you don’t want your head to be propped up or angling down. Also, consider sleeping with a pillow between your knees and ankles to support your hip alignment. If you sleep on your back, use a small pillow under the neck instead of a thick pillow under your head.

7. Many of us strain our backs because we carry too much weight around the belly AND our abdominal muscles are weak—so the back has to do too much work. It’s important to keep our core muscles strong to support our spines. Exercises like Tai Chi are also great for working on balance.

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