I Appreciate You


Many people adopt a word for each new year. I had not given much conscious thought to choosing a word for 2018, though I think setting an intention is a really good idea.

In general, I’ve been committed to sustaining a sense of internal peace no matter what is happening in the world around me. After reading “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer I adopted the mantra “I will not allow anything to interfere with my sense of inner peace.” Sometimes it works!

As of January 1st, I was invited to join a group committed to being kind and thoughtful. While I always try to be nice when the opportunity presents itself, this 50-day challenge compels me to actively seek out opportunities to lift people up every single day. So this is like a step up in positivity—from just being at peace to being mindfully kind.

These ideas of calm and thoughtfulness are important especially now as the political climate is so acrimonious. It can be challenging to maintain peace or offer kindness.

And then, unexpectedly, I received more inspiration from a new client. I’m continually blown away by the amount of trust people place in me. They allow me to invade their personal space and place my hands on them, even when they don’t know me. When I do my job right, and they allow it, they go into such a state of deep relaxation that they make themselves really vulnerable. Talk about “surrender”!!

This client did just that, and then he allowed another level of vulnerability as he opened up to talk about some emotionally charged stuff. One thing led to another in our conversation, and we admitted that we could not do each others’ jobs (he’s an attorney, his partner is an OR nurse, I’m a bodyworker). But that’s OK because we all do what we’re best at.

In the course of this lovely conversation, he said, “We all have something to offer. I don’t think we appreciate each other enough.” Wow. How true is that?

So there’s my word: appreciate. It’s not enough for me to be at peace, and it’s not even enough to be thoughtful. I will endeavor to be appreciative.

Even when times are troubling, I appreciate the lessons embedded in the experiences. I will try harder to appreciate people’s talents and gifts, even when they get on my last nerve! I appreciate the opportunities to learn and practice and grow as a compassionate person.

If you are reading this, please know that I truly appreciate you!

Category : Blog &Massage Therapy &Personal Growth Posted on January 17, 2018

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  1. Sheree Deneu McMurray
    2 years ago

    Thanks Julie you couldn’t have said it better !!
    We are so blessed in the field that we are to meet new people & to help them with their relaxation and therapeutic needs.
    I’ve had a steady new client who has been coming every week even though he chooses not have full reflexology me focusing on just his feet he’s been open to my doing a few techniques on his feet.
    He is post-op about 8 weeks of having his appendix out .
    I am very grateful because my business has been a little slow lately.
    He was a referral so yes we never know whom we may meet and be able to help when where in that sacred space of giving love & compassion & non-jugdement. PS My Friend I appreciate you also. You were such a great help when I was in Reflexology school last year with Apprenticing in Karen’s course. Namaste Sheree from Ocala Fl. 😘👣✌


    • julie
      2 years ago

      Thank you, Sheree! Enjoy your new client and your healing space. Namasté


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