A Victory for Alternative Medicine!

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A few weeks ago I was walking downtown—wearing decent shoes, pretty focused on what I was doing, not stepping off a curb or twisting my ankle—and I suddenly and inexplicably felt a strange and very painful sensation in my knee. I can only describe it as feeling like the tendons or ligaments and/or muscles of my knee were literally coming unraveled.

The dread in my head kicked in immediately. “This is NOT good!” I thought. I’ve known people who had to have arthroscopic surgery in their knees because of meniscus tears or ligament damage. I thought about their recovery time. I thought about what that would mean for me…

I finished my errands, went home and elevated my leg and iced my knee. The next day, as great fortune would have it, I had an acupuncture appointment. I told the acupuncturist what had happened, and treating my knee became unexpectedly the highest priority for that session!

For the next three days, I used Frequency Specific Microcurrent on myself at home, using a protocol for trauma, at least once or twice each day.

I took a day off, and then I went back for another acupuncture treatment.

The next day I went to my friend the physical therapist, the one who had helped me rehab my hip. Over the course of four weeks, I have seen both the acupuncturist and the physical therapist three times each.

Now here we are, less than one month from the original incident, and I’m almost 100% better. Not pain-free yet, but down to a barely noticeable discomfort level. I have an exercise and stretching routine that I follow, and a plan for how to increase the duration and intensity of the exercises gradually at home to build strength, stability—and work on my flexibility!

As I was leaving the PT’s office and I happily told him I didn’t need to come back, he commented that this was a remarkably quick turnaround for me. His experience with me was that I was slow to heal.

Is it because the original injury wasn’t as bad as I feared at first? Maybe. But I have to think that the acupuncture and microcurrent had a lot to do with it. I believe that getting regular massage and reflexology played a part as well.

I would never discourage anyone from seeking out mainstream medical doctors—there certainly are times when that would be the most appropriate course of action!

But in addition to medical interventions, I’m a big believer in complementary therapies!

Category : Blog Posted on June 29, 2016

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