A Success Story for Reflexology

Recently a massage therapy client was diagnosed with a rheumatoid disorder, and was suffering with a lot of pain. I hadn’t seen her in a while, and I was very pleased to learn that she was interested in trying reflexology to relieve the symptoms she was experiencing.

She loved it! She typically worries and has trouble relaxing, but the night of her reflexology session, she had the best night’s sleep ever!

Like most people, she felt very relaxed and immediately recognized that the session benefitted her whole body (and mind!) even though I worked only on her feet.

She asked me, which do you think is more beneficial, massage or reflexology? That’s sort of like asking a parent which of your children do you love more?! I was leaning toward reflexology for a rheumatoid condition, but I decided not to make a recommendation. I asked her to pay attention to how she felt as the evening wore on. Some people feel very relaxed, some feel energized! Notice if you sleep better, you might notice you need to go to the bathroom more, just notice how you respond to reflexology. You can let me know whichever type of bodywork works best for you.

The next time I saw her, she asked me why I mentioned that she might need to go to the bathroom more–what does reflexology have to do with that? We were talking about urination, and so I pointed out that we work the reflex points corresponding to the kidneys, bladder and ureter. And, in increasing blood circulation, lymph flow, nerve communication and relaxation, we set the body up to function at its optimum level.

Come to find out, five months prior to coming to see me, this client had been treated by a doctor who prescribed a five-month course of a strong steroid for the anti-inflammatory benefits. It helped her discomfort, but it delivered some very undesirable side effects. One of those was the inability to urinate properly. Function had stagnated and there was too little urine, too little flow. For months and months.

The evening of the reflexology session, urination increased to a healthy level, and she reports that it has been normal ever since. After one session!

This client likes her massages and she still chooses that type of therapy sometimes–and appropriately so! But she has experienced first-hand how beneficial reflexology can be. She told me even her rheumatologist recommends massage AND reflexology for his patients, and that is good news because sometimes MDs are not so keen on “alternative” paths to wellness.

I encourage you to experience the power of reflexology for yourself. Sometimes the results are predictably positive, but sometimes they are also unexpectedly wonderful!



Category : Blog Posted on April 27, 2016

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